Welcome to Graham’s findings. I’d like to walk you through my way of doing stuff and hopefully you will love what you hear and we can have a good time filling the world with beautiful things!!!!

Firstly, I’m a hoarder/rescuer of unwanted and discarded but still very much usable materials.

Secondly, I make things. Have done my whole life. In the past these things were very arty art all existential and what have you. Now I like to think they are usable art in the form of furniture and curiosities.

My usual process is that you will come to me with an idea like “I want a table that will melt people’s faces because it’s so awesome!” And I will say “Um…no problem I’ve got something I found in a skip? Also I’ve got this idea with flamethrowers I’ve always wanted to make!!!!” I draw up some concept ideas, you give me the go ahead and then you take collection of your very own Grahams findings original…… We skip happily into the distance!

Along side this “bespoke service” I make portfolio pieces. “What like purely out of my head no prompting or nothing?.. just for fun?” It’s so that customers can get the idea of my style and touch and feel something rather than me telling them my stuff is epic! I sell these to make room for more ideas to flow out of my overcrowded brain, everyone’s happy.

So if you like what you read then please contact me (graham) at grahamsfindings@hotmail.com or follow me on Twitter @grahamsfindings or Instagram as grahamsfindings or you can just follow me about but you’ve got to keep up!!!

Happy findings.